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The services are of two types - one is mainly on diagnostic service and other teaching & research for the undergraduates and postgraduates.
The diagnostic section:

  1. Bacteriology section which includes urine checking, sputum and throat swab for respiratory tract infection.  Blood, CSF, Blood fluids, biopsy material from FNAC, endometrial biopsy, endocervical and vaginal swab for genital infection and antibiogam for al bacterial isolates are analyzed.
  2. Mycology
  3. Serology / Immunology – For widal, RPR test, ASO, CRP, RA factor test, enteric fever, syphilis, streptococcal sequlae and various autoimmune disorders.
  4. Virology – Immuno chromatographic techniques (for AIDS, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and dengue for diagnostic and research purpose).
  5. Parasitology.

Regular classes for under & postgraduates and training for new entrants.


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